A.N.A International Shipping | Providing raw materials from factories and companies in all countries of the world | Keep an eye out for the arrival of goods | Follow ships | Unloading and shipping ships, whether containers and general merchandise | Customs clearance | Transport within the Arab Republic of Egypt | All logistic services are door to door

Our Services

A.N.A International Shipping offer the below services to its valuable customers.

Special Cargo Shipping Services

On time delivery of Out of Gauge, In Gauge and Break-Bulk cargo.
• On-time delivery of your special cargo around the globe.
• Special cargo experts across all time zones for your instant response and support.
• State-of-the-art fleet of flat racks and open tops, available where and when you need them.
• Door to door Services.
• De Stuffing and Storage available.

Vessel Management and Marine Operations Services

A.N.A International Shipping pioneered the concept of outsourced ship management. It remains a leader in the field of port facilities information and managing shipping interests We offer solutions to all shipping problems, whether they are to do with how to move cargoes, how to finance ships, how to trade ships or how to operate ships. In addition to owning ships we provide a ship broking and ship operation management service for Ship Owners and Ship Operators.

Ship Agency In All Egyptian Ports

We cover all Egyptian ports (ALEXANDRIA-DEKHILA- ABU KIR - DAMIETTA-PORT SAID-SUEZ CANAL) and all Mediterranean And Global Worldwide Sea ports. We provide the best and the most competitive Performa and you will see what the difference it will take. We maintain a widespread regional and international network of brokers worldwide and have strong relations with direct and exclusive Ship owners and Ship Operators.

Logistics Services

The below tasks are handled by a group of experienced professionals who has been in this field for many years. We have good relationship with Customs Authorities, AIR & SEA Port Authorities, Airlines and Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders and are able to handle any cargo movement smoothly and efficiently to the satisfaction of clients/agents. We offer regular import/export freight and air charter services to/from almost any country at cost effective prices with maximum speed.

Ship chandlers and Marine Contractors

We offer the complete spectrum services necessary for all the ships requirements whether you have a requisition, a special emergency circumstance, and/or simply need the delivery of supplies. We provide a smooth and efficient transition in and out of the port or through the Suez Canal.

Stevedoring Services

Discharging and Loading in all Egyptian Ports • Discharging and Loading of all kinds of Cargo • Attending as protecting agents all kinds of vessels • Handling heavy lifts and project cargo • Serving Our Clients inside Yards and Terminals 24/7 • Daily Reporting of Discharging and Loading Activities to the Master and the Vessel Management Team.

Cross Trading Shipping Services

Handling Shipments from any origin to any destination.  Taking Constant Care of Your Dry cargo.  Make it So Easy to Ship Reefer cargo.  Handling Your Special Out-of-gauge Cargo.  No Problem to Deal With Standard or hazardous cargo.  Handling All Operations and Documentation Procedures from POL to the POD.

Crew Change and Repatriation Services

We connect a link between owner and seafarer. We can provide owners with qualified and competent officers who have extensive experience on all types of vessels for international crews. • Receiving Crew at airport. • Arranging transportation. • Booking hotels. • Booking flight tickets. • Arranging Sign On/Off Procedures for Different Crew Ranks with Different Nationalities starting from OK TO BOARD (OKTB) until Seafarers boarding of the vessel.

Dry and Reefer Containers Inland Trucking Services

Door to door Inland Trucking Whether in Merchant Haulage or Carrier Haulage. • Timely pick-up and delivery • Large network of quality transport and Trucking providers • Non Stop Trucking Services combining your land and ocean transportation needs • Constant monitoring and quality assurance • Pre-Trip Trucking Insurance.

Freight Services

A.N.A International Shipping has all grounds covered with its comprehensive freight services, ensuring that your freight requirements – whether by sea and/or air – are well taken care of.

Contract Logistics Services

Whether you are looking for storage and transportation services or to outsource your existing logistics operations, A.N.A International Shipping’s comprehensive range of warehousing, distribution and contract logistics solutions can meet the needs of your industry.

Customs Clearance and Inland Trucking Services

A very important factor in this regard is the determination of correct customs classification and verification of the documents prior to clearance. We have good expertise in the clearing of all kinds of commodities Whether classified as exports and/or imports efficiently. Also we provide ship spare parts clearance for spare parts in transit.

Ship Repairing and Dry Docking Support Services

Our dedication to keep vessels from being delayed in ports is remarkable. Ships can’t afford to delay their sailings, even for repairs. That’s why we are available on a 24-hours basis with mobile and floating equipment to serve vessels at any cargo pie. We repair with only the best quality parts and accessories to keep your vessel safe! So we firmly believe a relationship will be built on service, trust and confidence.

Inland Trucking Services

A.N.A International Shipping offers a diverse range of Trucking Services from project cargo to international transportation and domestic retail distribution and delivery. We can add value to You through Inland trucking services by carrier haulage or merchant haulage.

Warehousing and Distribution Services

Whether you are looking for storage and trucking services or to outsource your existing logistics operations, A.N.A International Shipping ’s comprehensive range of warehousing, distribution and contract logistics solutions can meet the needs of your industry.

Reefer Cargo Shipping Services

Refrigerated shipping containers Expertise in transporting chilled and frozen goods. • Pre-trip inspection PTI Accomplishment before Vessels Sailings. • Ensure container is cleaned to eliminate dirt and odors • Inspections to ensure the inside of the container is up to food-grade specification world standard. • Checks to ensure machinery is functioning to industry standard. • Make sure the container temperature is lowered to the correct point selected in coordination with the Carrier.

Import and Export Services

Depending on Wide-Range and good relations in different parts of the world with a wide network of worldwide agents and suppliers, A.N.A International Shipping cooperates with its clients in exporting Egyptian production to foreign markets. It offers its clients special discounted freights for exports, together with firm loading schedules A.N.A International Shipping employs its experience through worldwide network of agents for importation of Any types of Imported Cargoes such as raw materials , chemicals whether IMO or Non IMO , spare parts , Textiles and clothes , production materials , machinery and equipment , …….etc • All types of imports and exports handled. • A.N.A International Shipping Is close to traders , shippers , consignees and local suppliers. • Advice on facilities, handling and turn around. • Market information available. • 24 Hours communication center. • On-Line Communications and Agency management systems. • Cargo survey of all types.

Vessel Management Marine Operations, Masters' Navigation Services and Ships Supplying Services

Handling Cash To Master (CTM) Requests from Master or Vessel Management Team With fast delivery of Cash to the Vessel. • Assisting Master and Crew Team in Any Navigation, Pilotage and Maneuvering Services. • Helping Master regarding Suez Canal Passage and Transit • Providing Garbage, Dunnage and Sludge Removal Services for different types of vessels calling various Egyptian Ports. • Arranging Ship Spare Parts Customs Clearance and delivery to the Master ot Chief Officer • Supplying the Vessel with all Provisions (Food Supply) and Water Supply Needed. • Assisting the Crew regarding Any Medical Assistance when required. • Providing Full On Shore Marine Operations and Documentation Services required from the Master to the Vessel. • Providing Full Quarantine and Sanitary Services for Vessels. • Providing Master with Full Cargo & Vessel Survey as Protective Agent.

Bunkering and Oil Supply Services

Being in direct contact with the major bunker suppliers in Egypt as well as having a strong market position, we ensure safe / prompt delivery of quality bunker products at competitive prices. We are available for orders round the clock including holidays so that we can furnish our customers with: • The latest internationally posted prices. • The most competitive discounts on large orders. • The best payment and credit terms. Our office can establish strong relationship between you and supplies to coordinate local delivery. With 24 hrs communication and the cooperation of local agents, we are able to accept and place information at short notice.

Airfreight Shipping Services

Our detailed knowledge of aircraft types and capacities • Team of experts well-versed in local regulations • Time bound shipments, every time • Availability of optimum air cargo rates • Well-connected network accessible through remote locations • Local expertise to handle customs and compliance • Value added services: Inland trucking service and warehouse capabilities ensure end to end transit with safety.

Sea Freight Shipping Services

Largest FCL & LCL Agents Network globally also accessible from remote locations • Largest pool of experienced specialists Locally and globally assuring excellent service delivery with Large Network of Agents offices across the world • Local expertise to handle customs Clearance Procedures and Secure its Accomplishment with Port Authorities and Customs Authorities • HUBS at all major locations across the globe for faster connectivity • Partnerships with core worldwide carriers & Vast experience across major industry sectors • Large volumes leading to preferential freight rates with shipping lines • Global network leveraged to serve trade lanes that reduce trans-shipment cost and time. Also eliminates the need for multiple cargo handling • Value added services Marine & Shipping Services from the POL to the POD • Inland trucking service and warehouse capabilities ensure end to end transit with safety • Solutions that ensure you have all the information and answers you need • Ocean freight solutions based on multiple carrier options as per your needs • Optimized time and cost of transportation through multiple carriers • Transport of heavy, out of gauge , Dry Cargo , Reefer Cargo , General Cargo and break bulk • Worldwide Agents Offices at origin and destination enabling better operational control and efficiency • Door-to-door shipments across continents whether FOB or Ex-Works . • 24/7 Dedicated team for FCL And LCL Marine and Shipping operations and advisory.

Chartering Services

Vessel for your cargo & cargo for your vessel All our customers are very interested and have trust in our service as we are considered the first class charterer. Our charteringchartering department was established with aim of providing the professional brokerage services to both Egyptian and worldwide major Charterers and Ship owners. Daily contact with the local first class governmental & private sector Egyptian charterers , importers , exporters and ship owners puts us in a position to have most of Egyptian inward/outward cargo roots mainly for all types of steel (steel bars , steel pellets , steel wire rods , steel round coils and steel plates) , fertilizers , grain , fruits, vegetables , coal , gravel , cement , silica sand , Wood Pulp , Paper Paste , Silica Scrap , Phosphate , Ammonia , Sugar , Pipes and Tubes , crude petroleum and organic Oil and all types of project , constructions, plants including heavy or super heavy-volume cargoes . Our excellent net with professional international Charterers, brokers, agents and owners around the world enables us to maintain an accurate account of current market levels and future market movement. We use the advanced forms of communication technology to ensure rapid and accurate correspondence worldwide for the benefit of our clients. Whether you’re a charterer, a ship owner, or are in need of a shipping consultant or logistical planner, chartering department is available to fill your transportation needs, and resolve your maritime concerns We have special focus on every cargo and tonnage traffic in Egypt in both Mediterranean and red sea trade whether from or to the worldwide ports via our direct contact with international traders in Egypt. Everyday contacts with our business partners through and with whom we contract the mentioned activities, make sure that we are in the seaborne trade not only in the Mediterranean but in the world relations, too. We deal with all kinds of cargo and we are willing to offer a high-quality forwarding service. We recommend ourselves in this respect as one of the major leaders in the Marine Egyptian Market.